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Mopar suspension and brakes questions submitted by our readers and answered by our technical editors.

Let It Bleed

Can silicone brake fluid go bad? I have apartial gallon of Dow brand that has gonegolden brown in color and has objectsresembling bread crumbs floating in it. Ibought the full gallon about 20 years ago,but it has been well sealed since. If

Piston Picking

Can I get your opinion on an item? Thephenolic brake caliper pistons—Raybestoshas these. It seems to me that thesewould be insulating in nature. Is it betterto have an insulator between the pad andthe caliper or is it better to have a

Braking Down

. I have been threatening to finallydo a front brake disc conversion on my1970 Road Runner. It is a manual drumbrake, manual steering, 4-speed car. Ihave been thinking about getting one ofthe great conversion kits out there, but Iam


 My question has to do with the necessity of the use of a pinion snubber on my vehicle, a 1972 Scamp with a 360. Do I need to use it, or can I get away without the use of one? I have an 8¾˝ Sure Grip but will not be using the car at the

Drumdance Kid

I’m attempting my second-ever ground-up restoration, this one’s on a ’72 ’Cuda 340. One thing I’d really like to do right is the rear drum (11˝) brakes. I’ve seen guys display their rear brakes at shows with the wheel and drum off, and,

Grease Your Brakes?

Just a quick follow up on the recent questionabout silicone brake fluid. I recallyou mentioning packing calipers and wheelcylinders with silicone grease as well, doyou have a recommendation on which touse? I use the Permatex lubes in my

Sliced and Diced

SLICED AND DICEDMy ’66 ’Cuda is undergoing acomplete rebuild, it’s currently onthe rotisserie. It was a 273 4-Bblwith power steering, later swappedto a 360 auto. My goal is a driverwith modern handling/braking. Itwill have a mild 360 with

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