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Mopar suspension and brakes questions submitted by our readers and answered by our technical editors.


 My question has to do with the necessity of the use of a pinion snubber on my vehicle, a 1972 Scamp with a 360. Do I need to use it, or can I get away without the use of one? I have an 8¾˝ Sure Grip but will not be using the car at the

Drumdance Kid

I’m attempting my second-ever ground-up restoration, this one’s on a ’72 ’Cuda 340. One thing I’d really like to do right is the rear drum (11˝) brakes. I’ve seen guys display their rear brakes at shows with the wheel and drum off, and,

Grease Your Brakes?

Just a quick follow up on the recent questionabout silicone brake fluid. I recallyou mentioning packing calipers and wheelcylinders with silicone grease as well, doyou have a recommendation on which touse? I use the Permatex lubes in my

Sliced and Diced

SLICED AND DICEDMy ’66 ’Cuda is undergoing acomplete rebuild, it’s currently onthe rotisserie. It was a 273 4-Bblwith power steering, later swappedto a 360 auto. My goal is a driverwith modern handling/braking. Itwill have a mild 360 with

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