Drumdance Kid


I’m attempting my second-ever ground-up
restoration, this one’s on a ’72 ’Cuda 340.
One thing I’d really like to do right is the rear
drum (11˝) brakes. I’ve seen guys display
their rear brakes at shows with the wheel
and drum off, and, frankly, I think a lot of
what’s shown is wrong. For instance, was
the backing plate painted? I’ve never seen
any evidence of that at junkyards.
I guess what I’d really like from you is
some kind of reference material. I’ve seen
your factory assembly drawings, but they
only show how the stuff was assembled, not
color markings, etc.

No problem. Through the magic of time warp
photography, I’m able to show you, in
living color, a complete NOS 11˝ rear drum
brake assembly, ripped off right from the
assembly lines in the 1970s!

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