Shocking Development


I have a 1967 273-2 Dart with 22,000 miles, a true survivor—of sorts. While there is minimal rust, the paint is very poor. The car ran great, though, except for some minor leaks (timing cover, transmission yoke). My plan, which I have already begun, is to totally disassemble it, paint the body/underhood/jambs/etc., address the minor problems, and reassemble. I will document the entire job with digital photos so no details will be changed.
Here’s my first question (I’m sure there will be lots more!) Two of the shock absorbers seem to have “dead spots” where they move very easily though an inch or two. I’m sure that doesn’t help ride quality. I would replace them, but I can’t find any that look identical to the originals. Can they be overhauled?

Overhauled? No, there are virtually impossible to disassemble without damage. The good news: They probably just need to be bled. Simply hold the shock in its normal as-installed position, and extend it full. Then invert it and fully compress. Repeat 4 or 5 times, then re-test for lost motion. Fixed? Great! Not? Try once more, then throw it into the “to be recycled into Hyundais” pile if still N.G.

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