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Mopar suspension and brakes questions submitted by our readers and answered by our technical editors.

Grease Your Brakes?

Just a quick follow up on the recent questionabout silicone brake fluid. I recallyou mentioning packing calipers and wheelcylinders with silicone grease as well, doyou have a recommendation on which touse? I use the Permatex lubes in my

Sliced and Diced

SLICED AND DICEDMy ’66 ’Cuda is undergoing acomplete rebuild, it’s currently onthe rotisserie. It was a 273 4-Bblwith power steering, later swappedto a 360 auto. My goal is a driverwith modern handling/braking. Itwill have a mild 360 with

Internal Bleeding

Internal Bleeding Bob Johnson, Pittsburgh, PA, 1968 Dodge Charger 440 Rick, thanks for providing all of the useful tech articles on - I'm sure you are busy, but I was hoping you could point me in the right direction on an…

Swaps 101

Swaps 101 Josh Watson, Addison, NY, 1964 Plymouth valiant V200 , 225 I have a 64 Valiant V-200 with the original 225 slant with the push button auto, I'm working on an engine swap, which is a 273 with slight mods which include a…

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