Braking Down


. I have been threatening to finally
do a front brake disc conversion on my
1970 Road Runner. It is a manual drum
brake, manual steering, 4-speed car. I
have been thinking about getting one of
the great conversion kits out there, but I
am starting to think about the bigger picture.
I would like my daughter to be able
to drive this car one day and enjoy the
Mopar hobby. That means not only disc
brakes, but some sort of power assist.
My problem is that the 497˝ engine in
the car has a fairly big cam and I don’t
think I have enough vacuum to assist the
braking. My thoughts are to add power
steering and run a hydro boost system
of some kind. I am not sure if you have
covered this sort of swap before, but if
you have can, please point me in the right

You could certainly do what you have outlined.
It will do the job, although I am not
a big fan of the pedal “feel” when Hydroboosted.
There are also auxiliary vacuum
pumps, tanks, etc.
My pedal-pressure “fix”, however, would
be a lot less complicated: Simply use a
smaller-bore master cylinder (1˝ or so.)

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