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Old School Mopes

Mod Squad

I own a 1970 Barracuda with the ModTop, I bought this car in 2014. I am toldthat there are stickers that should goinside the side windows that say “ModTop.” Where do these go, exactly?See the diagram below. The stickersare placed

All Together Now

The Beatles might have had this one-of-four ’69 Hemi 4-speed Road Runnerconvertibles in mind when they cut their classic hit. By Al Dente Photos by TheBruntBros 1969 Hemi 4-speed Road Runner convertible was one-of-4 built, and

Crankin’ Coronet

5.7L Hemi adrenaline quickens the pulse of a ’65 Dodge. By Bill Woods Photos by TheBruntBros ’65 Coronet is a real sleeper, with just the Cragars giving a hint that all is not stock. Originally from Hawaii, the Dodge wasbought off

Up On The Roof

1970 six-pack Road Runner gets a homemade Mod Top, and some help from M&Ms. By Jim Koscs Photos by TheBruntBros Factory Mod Top Road Runners are rare, and NOS roof-cover fabric has all but vanished. Some repops arenow

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