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Runner Up

Hi Webfans, Today’s special is a sneak preview of the cover car on our October 2019 issue. It’s Ron Lim’s outrageous 1970 blown Road Runner with more tricks than a magicians convention. To get the entire story on how this custom

Brake Removal ’64 Belvedere

Tech Question Pete Helm, Minneapolis, MN, 1964 Plymouth Belvedere 318 Hi Rick, I'm having a heck of a time getting the frontdrum brakes off the '64 Belvedere I own. This is the fist time I haveattempted the removal of them. I am…

’66 Sport Fury Engine

Tech Question Chuck Cox, Lisbon, ME, 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury 2DR HT, 4SPD 383HP I am third owner of this car, Second owner removed orig.383HP to put in a drag car he built. He put in a junkyard 383, the junkyardwrote on valve…

B-Body Sub Frame Connectors

Tech Question matt daly, nyssa, OR, 1973 Plymouth Sattellite 400 Do 1973 B-bodies require subframe connectors for highhorsepower engines? If so, do you know where to purchase bolt on connectors? Bolt-on connectors are…