Up On The Roof


1970 six-pack Road Runner gets a homemade Mod Top, and some help from M&Ms.

By Jim Koscs Photos by TheBruntBros

Factory Mod Top Road Runners are rare, and NOS roof-cover fabric has all but vanished. Some repops are
now available, but Rhonda Hatzelis took a more original approach.

On Thanksgiving Day in 1984, Rhonda Hatzelis
and her brother Jimmy Hopper were wondering
what the ruckus was outside their
Tucson, Arizona, home. “We heard this car
out behind the neighborhood, just tearing it up,” she
said. “My brother went to see what it was, and found it
one block over. It was a 1970 six-pack Road Runner.”
Brace yourself for what happened next, and
remember, this was an original six-pack bird with a
four-speed. “The guy said he was moving to California
and asked Jimmy if he knew of anyone interested in
trading a truck for the Road Runner,” Rhonda said. “My
brother had a 1970 Dodge Tradesman van that was his
daily driver. He asked, ‘How about a van?’ The guy said
sure, and they made a straight trade. There was no cash
exchanged.” The bird was straight and rust-free.
Piston failure sidelined the Road Runner in 1991, and

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