Doctol’s Orders


Rx for a ’73 Road Runner Pro Daily Driver.

By Bill Woods Photos by TheBruntBros

Just what the Doctol ordered: a slick ’73 Road Runner that’s quick and gets attention. Mods are more
subtle than in your face.

Growing up and working on the family farm wasn’t easy for Don Doctor—especially since he wasn’t paid a nickel. But the account was settled when Don turned 16. His father told him to pick out a new car, which he did—a 1973 Road Runner. Don dated his wife-to-be in the beeper, and we learned that she would sit on the console in order to be closer to him. We don’t know how close she really got because we’re a family magazine. Eventually they married (they’ve been together for 37 years) and we presume the console novelty wore off and Don’s wife moved back to the more conventional passenger seat.  A few years ago, Don thought it would be cool to relive those thrilling rides of yesteryear and he began searching for a ’73 ‘Runner to restore. He asked Creations by Gemza (, a resto and custom shop in Denver, NC–pretty sharp on

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