All Together Now


The Beatles might have had this one-of-four ’69 Hemi 4-speed Road Runner
convertibles in mind when they cut their classic hit.

By Al Dente Photos by TheBruntBros

1969 Hemi 4-speed Road Runner convertible was one-of-4 built, and one-of-3 believed to still exist.
This beeper also is believed to be the only true matching-numbers car out there.

Compared to the usual “Joe Blow wanted his ’69 Hemi 4-speed Road Runner convertible restored better than
everyone else’s (there are only three others), so he sold his house and yacht, took the money, gave it to a top resto shop and…”, this story has so many twists and turns that it practically unscrewed our eyeballs just trying to follow it. Our story starts out at Marion Burnside Chrysler-Plymouth, in Columbia, SC. The dealership is racking up sales of high performance models, including one 1969 green Hemi 4-speed Road Runner convertible (VIN RM27J9G122624). It would be only one of four built by the factory. We don’t know who the original buyer was, but obviously he or she wasn’t happy with the Plymouth. After being driven a couple of
thousand miles, the car ended up back in the showroom, where it was bought by John Campbell. John enjoyed the Hemi more than the first owner, and rolled up considerably more mileage before selling it. Those details are sketchy, but the car ended up with a burned clutch, on a used car lot, where, in 1972, it was bought by Carroll Hendrix for $1200. Carroll, who lived near Pageland, SC, had raced Mopes

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