‘Cuda B


My 1972 Barracuda came with a 400” RB
engine, and a 727 trans. I know that engine
was not offered in 1972, but while looking for
parts for my car, the 400 engine is listed in many
parts books. Why is that, if it wasn’t available?

In 1972, the 400 (first year for that engine, by
the way) was readily available, but only in B- and
C‑bodies. 1971 marked the end for big‑block
E‑bodies for a whole host of reasons. Your
combo, as you know, was the result of a swap.
The 400 is a B-engine, not a RB. (Low deck,
3-3/8˝ stroke). It is a great engine to build into a
stroker, but, clearly, this can never be a resto in
your Barracuda.

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