Lord Of The Wings


Tony D’Agostino’s magnificently restored multi-Gold-scoring ’69 Daytona boasts the
most authentically correct parts of any restored ’69 Daytona on the planet.

By Cliff Gromer Photos by Paul Stenquist

Only three white Daytonas with red wings and red interiors (two autos, one stick—according to gumbers
nuru Galen Govier) were produced. Frank Badalson called this Daytona a “very authentic restoration,” while our
ballbuster tech editor Rick Ehrenberg awards this car the coveted Mopar Action Reference Restoration recognition

One of the standout cars a recent Mopar Nationals was Tony D’Agostino’s 1969 Daytona. The car was entered in OE Certification and came away with a Gold Certificate. The big challenger in a correct restoration on one of these cars is finding those hard-to-locate parts. You might have a great restoration technique but it’s all for naught without the right parts. Correct OE restorations should have the same parts that the car

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