Déjà Vu

Classic recreation of a bygone-era Hilborn-injected altered wheelbase ’65 FactoryExperimental Coronet. By Scot Longman Photos by TheBruntBros Tim has built about a dozen cars (all Mopars) mostly Super Stock replicas for

Call Me A Cab

"OK, you're a cab." That out of the way, Mack and Dodge team up on this ’46 COE pickup to carveout a unique niche in the realm of truckdom. By Scott Longman Photos by TheBruntBros Here comes the (Mac) bride—in your

Uncle Slam

Super-secret Area 51’72 Challenger revealed (against our better judgment). By Scott Longman Photos by TheBruntBros Government farmed out this Area 51 stealth creation to Eric Lindon at Lindon Collision after they received Top

Duel In The Sun

Top end desert racing in a Gen 3 Hemi Challenger. By Scott Longman HE RODEO KING unfolds what you would want to call a Michelin road map. He smooths out the creases, pointing. “We’re here.” Then, pointing again: “Over here is the

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