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I am building a 440 from a 1977 Fury police car, which I will install in my 1972 Satellite for street-only use. I am on a very tight budget, but I know that the engine needs to be bored out and I will need new pistons. What compression ratio pistons should I order?

Some parts of the country have no pump gas with an octane
rating over 91. In some areas, you can buy 93 octane E10 or
E15, but if you want straight gasoline, the best you can find
is 91. If you’re in a 91-only area, or suspect that you might be
soon, you might want to limit compression to 9.0:1.

Rhode Island seems to be one of the states where the fuels are 10-15% ethanol, but you can still buy 93 octane (see the bizarre map of “designer” gasoline requirements at gastypes) Unless you want to plan ahead for the day when the whole country comes down to California’s 91 octane level, you’ll be safe in the 9.5:1 area, as long as you don’t make the timing curve overly aggressive. Good luck with your buildup!

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