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Big Squeeze

I am building a 440 from a 1977 Fury police car, which I will install in my 1972 Satellite for street-only use. I am on a very tight budget, but I know that the engine needs to be bored out and I will need new pistons. What compression

Mopar Monsters

Almost 50years of development have made the Gen 2 Hemi the most powerful racing engine on the planet. By Paul Stenquist Photos by Chris Graves Regardless of what logos the body might wear, today’s 8,000+ horsepower funny car

Scampy Scamp

Tech Question elliot rivera, bronx, NY, 1972 plymouth scamp, 440 I want my Scamp to run in the low 11-sec. bracket. What Ihave is stock stroke and bore '67 440, stock bottom end including pistons,Eddy heads, Vic intake, 0.528" MP…

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