GM–Gone Mopar


Having driven nothing but GM
products since he was 16
because his father was a GM engineer
for 33 years, Roger Louton
always had GM blood coursing
through his veins. While attending
the Woodward Dream Cruise
in 2012, Roger was awed when a
local Challenger group cruised by
with about 30 cars in a row. Each
Challenger was different as the
owner had personalized it to his
own taste. Time for some Mopar
blood—a massive transfusion with
Type M. Roger went back home
to Portland, Oregon in search of
a Mope. Not one to just settle for
what was available on the local
lots, Roger expanded his search to
the west coast and came up with
this 2013 R/T Classic—one of 42
so equipped according to a letter
from Dodge. All the factory rebates
and discounts added up to over
7 grand off sticker. Some of his
mods include Mopar sequentials
and Stage 1 springs, Speedlogix
catch can and strut brace, Charger
Intake, Blastin’ Bobs resonator
delete, Billet Tech’s engine bling,
wheel center caps, interior bits
plus pedal kit. Also, a customized
engine cover. Roger has since help
form a local LX car club called PDX
MoparLX, and in less than 2 years,
signed up over 180 members.

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