Boring Question


Recently I gave my brother a
‘76 318 to put in his ‘64 Plymouth. Upon
tearing it down we found a huge gouge in a
cylinder wall. My question is: Can that block
be bored completely out and have a set of
sleeves in the 4.00 to 4.20 range installed?
I have heard yea and nay, and it works for
race only motors, or with Hardblock in the
water jackets. So I thought I would consult
the source of all things Mopar.

Whether it can be done or not is basically
beside the point. With every boneyard
in the U.S. and Canada filled to overflowing
with 318s, why would you even consider
pumping good money into scrap iron? (If
this were some valuable, rare, matching numbers
block…but it is not!)
If you want more displacement, the
same yards are also well supplied with

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