’70 Challenger Steering Problem

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Jake Barkley, Moose Jaw, Canada, 1970 Dodge Challenger 440

Rick, I’m doing the reassembly on a ’70 Challenger 440 6pack 4-speed. The car was dropped off to me as a bare shell. This is my 5thresto. Engine & tranny went in from underneath while bolted to K member .Everything lined up straight and normal. The problem I have is that thedriver’s inner tie rod end rubs on the torsion bar, and the center link isjust touching the oil pan on the drivers side. I have changed out thecenter link, pitman arm, idler arm and even tried a new power steering boxbut the results are the same. As far as I know the car was never hit hardand everything appears to be straight. If I could find a pitman arm that was1/2 to 3/4 of an inch longer it would solve my problem as the passenger sidehas good clearance. Any ideas or suggestions on which pitman arm to use?

Thanks a million, love your tech articles.



There’s really only 2 possibilities:

> the K-member was welded together wrong when new (not uncommon at all)
> It was whacked.

The correct fix is a different K. The “factory” fix, believe it or not, isshimming the chuck mounting. The other sleazy fix is bending the pitman(Cold only!)

Remember, even if “looks” OK, this is what affect bump steer – and freedomefrom bump steer is one of the major factors that seperates a good-handling,easy-to-drive-fast car from a scary pig.


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