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Where we got the stuff:

Engine Builder/dyno testing, camshaft, timing set:

Ray Barton Racing Engines, Inc.
224 E. Penn Avenue
Robesonia, PA 19551
(610) 693-5700

Sway Bar:

Firm Feel Inc.
2730 NW Bliss Road
Vancouver, WA 98685


CSR Performance Produsts
16936 County Road 252
McAlpin, FL 32062

Engine Mounts and Torque Strut:

Schumacher Creative Services
2025 N.E. 123rd
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 364-7151

Polymer Air Cleaner, Rocker Arms:

Competition Cams, Inc.
3406 Democrat Road
Memphis, TN 38118

Axle Shafts:

Moser Engineering, Inc
102 Performance Dr.
Portland, IN 47371
(260) 726-6689

Carburetor(s), carb tuning parts:

Holley Administratiion
P.O. Box 10360
Bowling Green, KY 42102-7360

Aluminum Driveshaft:

DennyÂ’s Driveshaft Shop
1189 Military Road
Kenmore, NY 14217
(800) 955-1872

Kickdown Cable Setup, Engine Pulleys:

Bouchillon Performance
937 Commerce Circle
Hanahan, SC 29406

Pre-formed Steel Fuel Lines:

Inline Tube
15066 technology Dr.
Shelby Township, MI 48315
(800) 385-9452

PCV Catch Can:

Summit Racing
1200 Southeast Av
Tallmadge, OH 44278
(800) 230-3030

Distributor Tuning Parts:

Mallory Division, Mr. Gasket Corp.
10601 Memphis Ave. #12
Cleveland, OH 44144
(216) 688-8300

Ignition Wires:

301 Highgrove Road
Grandview, MO 64030
(800) 821-3600

Urethane Trans. Mount:

IImperial Services
POB 112
Frankenmuth, MI 48734

High-Torque Mini-Starter:

Mancini Racing, Inc.
33524 Kelly Road
Clinton Township, MI 48035
(800) 843-2821

Wiring Harnesses:

M&H Electric Fabricators
13537 Alondra Bl.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Available from Year One (see below)

Ignition Coil and Strap, Alternator and PS Brackets, PS Hoses, Heater Hose Brackets, Dipstick, Ground Cable:

Year One, Inc.
POB 521
Braselton, GA 30517
(800) 932-7663
E-mail: or

Headers, Exhaust system:

TTI – Tube Technologies
1555 Consumer Circle
Corona, CA 92880
(909) 371-4878

Oil Filter Screen:

Stewart Development
6006 Ball Park Road
Thomasville, NC 27360
(336) 476-9720

Engine Dolly, Throttle Bracket, Distributor Clamp, manifold & coil brackets:

AR Engineering Ltd.
PO Box 3168
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Sold only thru dealers, see website for list

Cylinder Heads, Victor, Torker, 6-Bbl Intake Manifolds:

Edelbrock Corp.
2700 California Street
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 781-2222

Flex Plate, Water Pump and Housing, M-1 Intake Manifold, Vibration Damper, Rocker Shaft Hold-Downs, Oil Pump, Drive Gear:

Mopar Performance Division
DaimlerChrysler AG
Stuttgart, Deutschland
…see any of our advertisers displaying the MP logo.

Chassis Upgrades, Driveshaft Safety Loop:

Auto Rust Technicians
275 Niantic Av.
Cranston RI 02907
(401) 944-4444

Valve Lifters:

Schubeck Racing Engines
4160 S. Cameron St. #D
Las Vegas NV 89103
(702) 252-0677


IRC – International Racing Components
5202 184th Street East
Tacoma, WA 98446
(253) 847-8221

Oil Pan:

CharlieÂ’s Oil Pans
5281 S. Hametown Rd.
Norton OH 44203
(330) 825-3586

Windage tray, adjustable oil pressure valve:

Milodon Inc.
20716 Plummer Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Phone: (818) 407-1211


80 Carter Drive
Guilford, CT 06437-2116
(203) 453-6571

Carburetor Jetting plates:

Promax Carbs and Performance Parts
P.O Box 24603
Indianapolis, IN 46224
(866) PRO2MAX

Engine Storage Protection Kit:

Unusual Automotive Solutions
POB 155
Triangle, VA 22172
(888) 439-0788

Connecting Rods:

Custom made for Ray Barton by:
Manley Performance Products, Inc.
1960 Swarthmore Avenue
Lakewood, New Jersey 08701
(732) 905-3366

PolyDyn Polymer Coatings:

Polymer Dynamics, Inc.
4116 Siegel St.
Houston, TX 77009
(713) 694 – 3296

Forged Pistons:

CP Pistons
1902 McGaw Ave.
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 567-9000


ARP – Automotive Racing Products
531 Spectrum Circle
Oxnard, CA 93030

Main Bearing Caps (billet):

Pro-Gram Engineering Corp.
475 5th Street NE
Barberton, Ohio 44203


Ohio Crankshaft
5453 Route 49
Greenville OH 45331

Head Gasket:

Fel-Pro / Federal Mogul Corp.
26555 Northwestern Highway
Southfield, Michigan 48034

Project Bold Beeper

A fast and quick Road Runner for the street,
one thatÂ’s not afraid of twisty roads, too.

Longtime M.A. readers know that we like fast Mopars.
Hey, you probably do, too, or you wouldn’t be here. Most of you also know that we’ve long touted the basic ‘goodness’ of Mopar’s rigid and light unibody construction, indirect-spring (T-bar) front suspension, asymmetrical leafs in the rear, etc.
WeÂ’ve surely validated our theories via running our Green Brick 1969 Valiant in the Car and Driver One Lap of America and kicking some serious butt – again and again.
The Road Runner will kind of be a 12/10ths scale Valiant, although, while it will surely be a corner burner, the emphasis will be more on straight-line rice butt-kicking.

As DodgeÂ’s NASCAR driver, Jimmy Spencer said to the press recently: “Those sons of bitches bombed Pearl harbor, donÂ’t forget. …I hope…Dodge kick(s) their ass” Amen to that, Jimmy!

OK, we digress (but it was fun!)
We began with a well-used ‘69 Road Runner, with decent paint

Click to Load Full Size

and a tired 440 under the hood. The plan was – and still is – to build a 600+ HP big-block, 100% pump-91 streetable, using the cheapest pars that would still be stone-axe reliable. We enlisted the services of well-known Mopar engine Builder Ray Barton to make the numbers for us.

HereÂ’s how itÂ’s gone so far:

DECEMBER 2002 issue – Basic premise of project, parts selection – junkyard block, etc.

Click to Load Full Size

FEBRUARY 2003 issue – Block prep, installing billet main caps, align honing, bore work

Click to Load Full Size

APRIL 2003 issue – Partial shortblock buildup

Click to Load Full Size

JUNE 2003 issue – Shortblock, continued, good rods, etc.

Click to Load Full Size

AUGUST 2003 issue – Oiling system

Click to Load Full Size

OCTOBER 2003 issue – Edelbrock heads

Click to Load Full Size

DECEMBER 2003 issue – Valvetrain

Click to Load Full Size

FEBRUARY 2004 issue – Chassis stiffening to handle the torque

Click to Load Full Size

APRIL 2004 issue – Manifold dyno shootout – 593 HP

Click to Load Full Size

JUNE 2004 issue – camshaft test, jetting, timing changes, 616 HP

Click to Load Full Size

AUGUST 2004 issue – Dressing the engine – pulleys, mounts, water and PS pumps, etc.

OCTOBER 2004 issue – engine installation secrets

As we got the mill ready for installation, we also were prepping the rest of the car to not blow up under the gaff of BartonÂ’s 600+ HP, and we got the ‘Beeper to the strip – and a chassis dyno! In fact, on Feb. 14th, 2004, we baselined the car with the high-mileage, near-stock 440-6. We did this with the help of the cool folks at Bristol Dyno Service in Bristol, CT. It was a fun mid-winter break, hereÂ’s the Videos:

[click to open files]

Hey, what were you expecting? It was rated 390 HP, SAE gross. ThatÂ’s maybe 330 or so, SAE net. Then the drivetrain loss.. note that the first 2 runs were in second gear, the last – and best – was in third. We couldnÂ’t pull it down low – the TorqueFlite would downshift!

Then we installed the new Barton engine

DECEMBER 2004 issue – tuning for street driveability

Before attacking the track, we concentrated on prepping the ‘Beeper for immaculate road manners – “driveability” in Detroit-ese. We also took pains to prevent trouble before it showed up!

We installed a full-length TTI exhaust system (awesome 3″ mandrel-bent stuff), 3/8″ fuel pickup from Year One, full-length 3/8″ lines from Inline Tube, a superstrong DennyÂ’s aluminum driveshaft, a really, really slick kickdown cable setup from Bouchillon Performance – paired with AR EngineeringÂ’s tall throttle bracket kit, swapped to the latest Holley high-tech 870-CFM vacuum-secondary Street Avenger carburetor. We also spent quite a bit of time dialing in the advance curve in out MP vacuum-advance distributor – this proved to be a key item. Without reworking this distributor, your chances at streeability are near zero!

We also turned the underhood area into a plumberÂ’s nightmare, by adding a super-trick fuel vapor return setup that imparted EFI-like starting, idling, etc., and a PCV collection system that guaranteed an oil-free intake charge. All this on pocket change!

Then — ta-dah! – we ran the now slightly detuned 496 on a Dynojet chassis dyno. Where, on 91 octane pump unleaded, we made – get this – 60% more power than our old 440 6-Pack engine!

FEBRUARY 2005 issue – at the drags

Before heading out to the drag strip, we had a few more minor chores to attend to. We knew, from our original dyno testing at BartonÂ’s, that the original ‘68-69 round air cleaner setup was restrictive, so we ordered up one of Comp CamÂ’s lightweight, free-flowing 14″ units – a 30-second installation. We did a bit of “by ear” and “seat of pants” carburetor tuning on our new Holley.

Wanting to keep out lower extremities intact, we slipped in one of those way-cool composite tranny shields from CSR.

From experience, we knew that one of the first failures was likely to be the left engine mount insulator, so SchumacherÂ’s hooked us up with his way-cool bolt-in adjustable, urethane-insulated torque strut kits. Since it bolts in to the K-member at the swaybar points, we took the opportunity to upgrade to a fat-boy front bar from Firm Feel, Inc.

And, although it nearly gave us a coronary to send any money to the French, we had little choice if we were gonna hook up at all – we needed a pair of BFG Drag Radials. On they went.

Result: our street tuning was way off for drag strip / drag tire launch, especially with the huge-diameter tires coupled to 3.23:1 cogs. First gear was nearly all bog. Still, 12.5 @ 115 was respectable, considering that we drove from the interstate at 65 plus – plus right to the starting line. But we know thereÂ’s lots more to come – after all, our second nameÂ’s not Action for nothing!

APRIL 2005 issue – At the Auto-X!

For this installment, we decided to attack — literally — a sports-car autocross held at a local airport. Before heading out, we headed off disaster by plumbing in Moroso’s 3-quart oil accumulator, keeping the Barton 496’s bottom end supplied with solid oil even if the pickup tube became uncovered. We also cut way, way down on understeer by installing one of Firm Feel, Inc.’s new over-the-axle rear sway bars — basically, one of the ‘good’ (no unsprung weight increase) E-body designs, re-engineered for B-body use. Way cool.

While we didn’t win the ‘cross, we were also one of the minority of entrants that took down no cones all day. Our decades-old rock-hard tires hurt us, but the chassis response was truly excellent. Read all about it in the April issue.

Or, just go slow around corners.

JUNE 2005 issue – Brake upgrades

The Bold Beeper had, eons ago, been the test bed for the famous Mopar Action brake-swap upgrade
with our newfound velocity, thanks to 500 cubes of Barton-Edelbrock HP, we soon learned that we needed even better brakes.

With a cool set of CNC billet adapters from AR Engineering, we retrofitted Viper / Brembo 4-piston aluminum calipers onto our stock Mopar 12″ cop-car rotors. Amazingly, it this setup even cleared out 15″ OEM Mopar wheels! As icing on the cake, we added a pair of stiff ‘nÂ’ light tubular upper control ams.

While we were looking at (and wrenching on!) brakes, we decided to see what else was out there. We uncovered several cool gems, including a low-cost solution for preÂ’73 A-body owners desirous of keeping their 4-inch bolt circle, and some solutions for – get this! – 1950’s Mopars!

This is one issue you donÂ’t wanna miss.

AUGUST 2005 issue – Brake proportioning, steering upgrades

With our new Viper calipers, we needed a way to get the front/rear brake proportioning dialed in. We used the typical adjustable valve, and we show you all the secrets to getting the proportioning dialed in correctly, which can make a huge difference in stopping distances

We also have some cool steering upgrades, via Firm Feel Inc., up our (tie-rod) sleeves!

DonÂ’t have this issue? YouÂ’re dead!

OCTOBER 2005 issue – New angles on alignment, and a new way to tune!

We finally got the ‘Beeper to an alignment shop, and we show you all the secrets we’ve learned to get the most cornering power, straight-line stability, and tire life for your Mopar. We also investigated a new, low-cost wide-range oxygen sensor (A/F gauge) setup from AEM. This is the tuning tool for the new millennium, giving you a true view of what’s happening each time the mix goes bang! in the cylinders. This is one installment you really don’t wanna miss.

Copies of most back of these back issues can be had – for a price. Click HERE for info

LotÂ’s more good stuff coming, so get your subscription tuned up, or be left out!

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