Speedo Cable Leak

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Dan Roupe, La Pine, OR, 1963 plymouth sport fury 440

Hello Rick; Once again I call on your wisdom even though Ihave looked through my past MA issues but can’t find the article I rememberseeing concerning my speedometer cable dripping a small amount of ATF wherethe cable housing meets the round body part that goes into the tranny. Carwas recently restored, and tried to retain all orig parts I could, saidcable being one.

Ques; I believe you stated a sealant that would stop theleak, & yes I did replace the o-ring when installing the speedo unit….Ican see the drip @ the cable against the gear housing piece,
Lastly, if I pull the drive piece do I have to drain some fluid first? Thanks once again, Dan.


Did you change the inner seal? That’s probably what’s shot. Fluid willmigrate down the threads and appear to leak at the adapter’s O.D.

If you jack the LR corner of the car, no fluid will leak when you remove theadapter.


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