Calipers On Back Of Rotor

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David DeMaintenon, Apopka, FL, 1974 Plymouth Cuda

Can the calipers ever be on the back of the rotor? The Mopar 1974 service manual shows some car lines on the front, some on the back. Are the spindles interchangable? The Part numbers are different. Is there any advantage to having them on the back?



It is strictly a matter of hydraulic hose and steel tubing routing and caliper-end attachment type. Either can work fine. Primary goal: Hose should never touch any other part of the car, left to right full lock, full jounce to full rebound, and flex or twist as little as possible while doing so. This generally means that the hose must cross the steering axis.

The taller knuckles used on 73-up B-bodies and F/J/M/R-bodies should not be used on other / earlier cars due to geometry problems (primarily, vastly increased bump steer (toe change during suspension travel).

Your ’74 Cuda already has what is considered to be one of the best the best “swap” setups. See


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