’76 Swinger Shock Bumper Mounts

Tech Question


Daryl Fish, Roosevelt, MN, 1976 Dodge Dart Swinger 360

Hi Rick

I am restoring a ’76 Dart Swinger. As you know they have them stupid shockbumper mounts. I want to eliminate the front bumper filler and move thebumper back. Is there a way to get them adjusted? They have a nut on thebackside that I don’t know what it’s for. I want to move the bumper backabout 3 inches and it appears there is room for that much adjustment.Thanks again and thanks for your great tech articles in Mopar Action.
Daryl Fish



Adjusted? I assume you mean that you want to collapse the hydraulic energyabsorbers. You could drill and drain the fluid, compress as desired, thentack-weld in the desired location.

Just hope you don’t hit anything! (I won’t even touch the “stupid”comment….) And so much for a “restoration”, huh?

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