’72/’73 Challenger Front End Interchange

Tech Question


Bob Reed, Nashville, NC, 1973 Dodge Challenger 512

Hi Rick, Once again I need you technical expertise. I have acomplete front end rebuilt kit that was bought for a ’72 Challenger that Iwas working on and have since sold. Will the ball joints, tie rod ends,brake rotors and seals and brake pads interchange with a 73 Challenger? Bothcars are power steering cars with front power disk brakes. I was thinkingthe brake rotors were different but I can’t verify that for sure. I’m hopingI can use the rebuild kit and slotted and drilled rotors on the 73 ifpossible. Thanks for all the help and advice you’ve given all of us inkeeping these old Mopars alive and kicking.



All except the rotors will fit, as you suspected. The ’73 uses unicastrotors, a larger spindle diameter, and larger inner wheel bearing. It is amuch beefier, and preferable, setup.

Now’s your golden opportunity to swap to the 11.75″ cop rotors — see Disc-O-Tech


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