Fastest V6


Here’s a 2010 Challenger that runs in the 12s. So what’s the
big deal? The big deal is it’s a V6, and not the new Pentastar
4-cam 3.6L—the old Kenosha-built 3.5L SOHC . Craig Simmons,
from Eastlake, OH, has his Brilliant Black automatic tricked out
with a Turbonetics turbo and wastegate with intercooler, and
built 3500-stall trans. The car is fitted with a custom 3˝ stainless
exhaust and Borla SS mufflers. Underpinnings include SRT suspension and a 1¾˝
drop. The motor puts out 430 HP to the wheels and runs the quarter in 12.7 sec.
Craig says it is the first V6 to run 12s and promises it’ll be the first into the 10s.

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