Brotherly Love


I want to replace the Generic Motors
10-bolt rear end in my ’36 Dodge Brothers
coupe for an 8¾˝. Question is, in order to center
the pinion in the driveshaft tunnel I’ll have to
shorten the RH axle roughly 2 inches more than
the LH side. Is there any risk to this? Car has
a 360/904, approx. 340 HP, 380 lb.-ft. TQ, will
alternate between my 3.91:1 Sure-Grip for play
and a 2.94 for road trips. Due to the X‑frame of
the car OD is out.

No problem if you are using custom
aftermarket axles, if you are shortening stock
axles be sure the diameter is large enough to
cut the splined area once shortened, typically
this means a C‑body shaft core.
FYI: Dana axles all had unequal-length
My prediction: You’ll love the tall gears
and never go back to the 3.91s.

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