Here’s one for all you readers who complain about all the “show car” Mopes we feature in our mag. This one is real-world—it’s Mike Saunders’ barn find 225 slant-six ’67 Dart GT convertible. Mike and his son Stephen dragged it home back in 2011 to their garage in Merrickville, Ontario, Canada, and spent the winter getting it road worthy. (In the U. S. we say “drugged da car home”). The car features a ton of welding rod, box steel and some Bondo thrown in for good luck. Mike says for the most part people love the car, understand its condition and fondly remember their own high school beaters and how much fun they had. In the short time the car’s been out, Mike has met many new people and heard about a lot of old great rides. Mike decided to leave the body and interior as is. He liked its character. “There is another reason too,” he says. “In my 50 years I’ve gone to a fair number of car-themed events and noticed something in the musclecar world. There aren’t many young guys getting into these cars anymore. Perfect shiny musclecars are simply unattainable for the average young guy. The quality and cost of these cars at shows has gone way up. Let’s face it, most of us cannot afford to buy or create anything as nice as what shows up on at our local shows. I personally know gear heads who won’t take their car to even a cruise night because of the rude comments from some of the other participants. So I take FrankenDart, park him beside some shiny $100K resto, drop my ass in a lawn chair and spend a sunny afternoon talking memories and project cars with the real car guys.”

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