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Now here’s a Mopar fanatic the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Steve Makinson, from Sweet Home, OR, tells us he bought his ’70 340 Hemi Orange Challenger with the A66 340 Performance Package back in 1972 for $2100. The clock showed 30K miles. Steve went on his honeymoon to the coast in the car and he says—get this—that he raised three children in it. Talk about cheap rent. Talk about being cramped. We guess Steve traded family comfort for performance, as he had Ed Hamburger Performance (home of the Ground Pounder) build him a dated 450 HP engine back in the ’90s. That’s also when Steve had the car stripped and painted. He restored the car himself adding a chromed six-pack setup and 17-inch Cragar S/Ss. We guess he doesn’t care much about stopping—can you say “instant fade”?

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