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I have a 1966 Barracuda that I put a 360 in. I read on a forum that one of the bolts that fastens the cam thrust plate is drilled thru to oil the timing chain. The 1966 Plymouth Factory Service Manual I have doesn’t talk about this that I can find. The aftermarket manual I have for the 1975/76 engine also has nothing about this. The engine is finally together and I don’t want to take it apart if I don’t need to. This sounded a little strange and have never heard about anything like this in the six years I have been working on my car. So, what is the truth?

’74-up smallblocks use an oil splash
tab to keep the chain supplied. Prior
years used a hollow screw. Either
works OK, but, for street use, you need
one or the other.

There were several different setups for chain oiling, the hollow upper-right oiler screw (6028098) bolt was used thru 1973, and a drip/splash tab (3671649) was used ‘74-up. Either arrangement is fine. Also always be sure the crankshaft oil slinger is present.

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