’72 Charger Lineup

1972 Chargers were offered in these
three models. Only. Any other models
you’ve heard of is fantasy.

I am trying to find a 1972 Charger 500 to restore. I had one in 1977 before I went into the Army (22 years). After I got out I read in a different Mopar magazine that there were no 1972 Charger 500s built. However, it went on to say that Chrysler found a way to dump the last of the ’69 440 Magnums in a limited run of Chargers 500s in 1972. The 440 was a ’69 with the VIN series number stamped on it.

Mine was black/black vinyl top a white bench seat interior, PS, PDB, 4-speed and AM/FM radio, rear speaker and rear window defroster (Michigan Car), Dana 60.

There were three Charger models for 1972:

  • “Base” (Charger Coupe)–VIN prefix WL–fixed quarter glass.
  • “Charger”–(WH)–the best-selling Charger for ’72.

“S.E.”–(WP)–gussied-up trim. Nothing was available on the base and hardtop models, and also included upgraded sus- pension. It could be ordered with any V8.

Remember this factoid: the Charger 500 was a special performance model only in 1969, while the 1970 and ’71 500s were just trim packages. You could order the 440 4-Bbl in the 1971 500 (only).

I would never say never to the concept that some early-build cars, in any model year, could have some leftover parts, even engines, form the prior year, just as late build cars could have “pull ahead” com- ponents from the next model year. Having said that, any old wives’ tale about 1969 440 engines in 1972 cars is ludicrous.

There were so many component changes between the years it simply never hap- pened, primary being that the ’72 440 was low compression, heavy rod, externally balanced, T-Q (not AVS) car.

You do realize that the 440-4 hi-perf engine (U-code) was available in B-bodies right through 1978 (last few years: 4-doors only), after which all B and RB engine production ceased, the plant was converted to build 2.2L “Trans Four” engines, and, sadly, the big-block tooling was sold for scrap.

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