Dorman Brake Hoses

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Bill Jerold, lynbrook, NY, 1972 Plym Duster 360

Rick, I replaced the front calipers on my Duster (standard’73-up single piston sliders). I got China made front flex hoses from PartsAuthority D.B.A. Advance auto parts. Dorman hoses are made in China, too(Tiawan exactly). NAPA, Raybestos too are all made in China. Can’t seem tofind anything made in USA, Canada, Europe or Japan. I put the China madelines in, but I’m a bit nervous. I contacted PureLine about custom braidedhoses. What do you think? Thanks and regards, ~Bill


They have to meet SAE specs no matter where they are made, and the plant isprobably ISO certified. They are being sold by major US companies with theirnames on the line (literally and figuratively). I don’t like this any morethan you do, but they should be fine, however…

Our politicians are slowly selling us out and forcing all manufacturingoffshore. Your vote matters!


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