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Tom Gipe, Cypress, CA, 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 572

Dear Rich, I’m a long time subscriber and have a question. Idrag race my 1968 Charger a little and when I get a really good full powerlaunch the torque converter bolts start to loosen. My Charger’s Dick LandyIndustries Hemi dynoed at 656hp and 712 lb-ft at the crank. My best 60 footis 1.595 sec and 1/8th mile time is 7.265 sec @ 94.39 mph. I figure that’sabout 11.5 sec in the 1/4 mile. The TC has the 7/16″ bolts. I put in ARP 12point bolts and have used high temp Loctite, but that didn’t do the trick.My car weighs 3,850 lb (empty), uses 4.10 gears and drag radials. I askedanother Mopar guy that runs similar times to mine if he has this problem.He said it happens to him all the time and he just accepts it. I figurethere’s got to be a solution but I figure you’d know the answer straightoff. My torque converter is made by Pro-Torque with about a 3,500 rpm stallspeed.

Final statement – Mopar Action rules, believe it or not, because of thewriting. Thank you for making my hobby so much fun.



I think you’re just not putting enough torque on them. Needs 55-60 ft./lbs,and “killer” red Loctite.

Beyond that, I suppose if there’s lots of TIR between the crank and trannycenterlines, that might tend to make the screws loosen. Unfortunately,tranny must be gutted to the bare case to check this.


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