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Dave Kinach, Ottawa, ON, Canada, 59 Dodge Viscount 318

Hi Rick.
I’ve got a 59 Dodge with a 68 Coronet SB/904drivetrain. I’m measuring for a new driveshaft and find that sliding theyoke further into the extension than stock (slightly compressing the boot)removes all side to side play. If possible I would like to size thedriveshaft to achieve this yoke depth. (I’ve allowed for clearance toinstall rear u-joint) Does anyone make a seal that eliminates the need fora boot or can I remove the boot from my new seal. This is a summer only carbut does see dirt roads regularly.

The output bushing is bad. I’d suggest changing it ASAP, rather than using acrummy boot-less aftermarket seal (or cutting it off). You’re asking fortrouble!



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