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Robert Hammond, Valrico, FL, 1971 Dodge Dart 360

Great Guru of the MOPAR herd, I have an 8-3/4″ rear with 21/2″ wide shoes. I can’t find replacements. Everyone says not made in 4″bolt pattern. Help! My shoes and drums are gone and I want to drive. Isthere a part # somewhere? Thanks for any help you can give. (Shoes haveFMS333 stamped on them- drum has Century P32). No-break Bob.

FMSI 333 are the standard 10×2.5″ shoes used on the rear of ’60s/’70sB-bodies, and post-’73 A-bodies. I have no idea what you have cobbledtogether there, but asking for shoes (and drums) for any of those cars willget you the 2.5″ wide stuff.

The correct rear shoes for your car — by application – are 10×1.75″, FMSI#331. If the axles have been changed to big bolt pattern, or a B-body axleswapped in, or a ’73-’76 A-body 8.25″ axle, etc., then the 333s are what youprobably need. If you stll have, as you say, the small (4″) bolt pattern,and the 10×2.5″ drums have been redrilled to fit, then God help us all – butthe 333s would still be the right shoes.



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