Rotor Warpage 2000 Dakota

Tech Question

Mike Vincent, Ajax, ON, Canada, 2000 Dodge Dakota 4.7L

I have a brake question regarding my nephew’s 2000 Dakota.The truck is pretty stock, with a new cat back exhaust and the K&N intake kit, he has gone to 20″ wheels but I believe he is running stock diameter tires.

He is having trouble with front rotor warpage.

Do you have any recommendations as to material or style (cross drilled or slotted) for replacement rotors, or any factory combo upgrades to the system? Or will he just have to go aftermarket?

We haven’t addressed proportioning, front to rear, but he is contemplating disks for the rear wheels to help.


With 20″ wheels providing almost “free air” rotor cooling and ventilation, I really can’t see heat being a factor, unless your nephew drives like me. Frankly, I think the wheels may actually be the problem…they may not be properly clamping the rotors as the OEM wheels all do. Or, the lugs may not be (or may not have been) torqued to specs in the proper sequence.

Generally, all else being equal, cross drilled and/or slotted rotors warp more quickly than plain ones.

Rear discs won’t help this problem at all. But is conceivable the the F/R proportioning may be “off”. If the front brakes are doing, say 90% of the stopping, as opposed to the normal 60% or so, that would sure overtax the fronts in a hurry.


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