Pushrod Angle W2 340

Tech Question


Steve Ridgway, Antioch, CA, 70 Dodge Challenger 340

A 340 block and W2 heads, Crane solid roller cam andlifters, Mopar alum. roller tip unbushed offset rockers. I am worried aboutthe pushrod angle. Will this engine work without throwing out or bending thepushrod? Also, Do you have a reconmendaition for what pushrod to use. Oilingwill be through the head and rocker shaft. .. Love the Mag, Thanks …Steve


Steve, true, it’s bizarre looking, but it generally works fine. Just be surethe lifters have a reasonably deep pushrod cup. Use Manton 3/8″ x 0.83″cr-moly pushrods. Length should allow not much more than one thread showingon the rocker adjusters.

I can’t swear that the aluminum rockers will last 100,000 miles. Or even10,000. This has nothing to do with the pushrod angle, however.


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