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Harry Garlinghouse, Oakville, WA, 1965 Dodge station wagon 383

I think I read somewhare that a special pilot bearing couldbe bought to mate up a standard trans to an auto-trans crankshaft. I thinkis was made by NAPA. Could you confirm this or provide a alternive solution?Thanks, Harry.

NAPA’s no. 615-1033 bushing (undersize O.D.) was especially made to fit thesmaller hole in the drtilled-but-not-reamed cranks, but, as far as I cantell, it’s been discontinued. This came under the general heading ofbrain-salad surgery anyway, since the hole in the crank wasn’t necessarilyuniform, clean, or precision-sized.

The ’90s Magnum V-8 pilot bearing presses into the torque converter hubpilot area of the crank, and proveides a better solution – ask for53009180AB.

Just two quick comments:

If the crank is totally undrilled, it must be drilled (even if using thelate-model bearing setup) to provide clearance for the tranny’s main drivepinion – or the pinion’s shaft must be shortened (cutoff wheel.)

It would be unusual to find a 1965 vinatge crank that was NOT reamed forthe stock bushing – in fact, a virtually-new bushing is usually just sitingthere!



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