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Peter Sollberger, Philadelphia, PA, 1967 Plymouth Satellite 318

me and my father want to fix up his ’67 Satellite, but weare having a “little” problem. The front frame rails are shot, the frontpans are shot and the lower quarters are not too good either. We have adonor car, a ’67 Bel’ four door, and the rails are the same and the pansseem to measure up as do the lower quarters. I was wondering if this was agood idea (to swap all this stuff) or should I find a two door and just putall my goodies in that, (I’ve got a console, perfect interior, good panels,ok engine etc.) or should I just go back to picking my nose and reading yourmag. (in that order)?
Thanks, Pete


Pete, as I’ve said many times, it’s usually more cost effective, timesaving, and produces a better outcome, to start with a rust-free shell. Ofcourse, there are exceptions to every rule, in this case, the #1 exceptionwould be a high-buck numbers-matching car. Which you don’t have.

So, while it’s perfectly feasible to swap over all the unrusted chassisparts from the 4-dr. transplant donor, it’s also — nuts! Good ’66-67 2-dr.B-bodies aren’t expensive, esp. without Hemi, R/T or GTX VINs. Keep your eyeon moparts.com or eBay.

Picking your nose clearly take precedence over reading MA — that’s normal.Just, please, try to keep the boogers off the pages. One ‘Booger is all wecan stand around here!

Rick (a/k/a E-booger)

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