’89 Cummins Charging

Tech Question


Chad Palmer, Heron, MT, 1992 Dodge Ram 250 Cummins

Mr. Ehrenberg
I Have been a subscriber since 1989 and you are always the place to go for an answer. I have a 1992 Ram with a Cummins turbo diesel and I am having problems keeping it charging if I dont keep the RPM up. I put new brushes and bearings in alternator, no improvement. I know the voltage regulator is in the computer — bad idea! Can I wire in a remote regulator like they used to be?Thank you for your time, any help would be much appreciated.


Chad, yes, a ’70s-80’s style regulator can easily be wired in. But first prove that’s the problem by full-fielding the alternator. My guess? Bad diodes in the alternator. Regulator problems are usually confined to “no charge” or “massive overcharge”. Low output is typically the alternator, although, technically, it certainly is possible for it to be a regulator problem.


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