Armed And Ready…Or Not?


I just bought a pair of used lower control
arms so I could add a swaybar to
my 1971 Barracuda. Comparing to the
originals (which don’t have the swaybar
brackets) they look sort of curved. The
seller swears they are correct. What says
Dr. E-Booger?

It is impact damage, plain and simple.
Somebody hit a curb or some such.
The riveted-in forgings would bend way
before breaking (good engineering!) The
ones you sent a pix of are junk, but if you
are really desperate, I guess you could cut
off the swaybar tabs and weld them onto
your original LCAs.
I have asked one of the large repro
vendors to consider making re-pops of
the tabs, starting with the ones you need:
’70–72B/’70–74E. Here’s hoping.
While on the topic, I have seen bent
struts also claimed to be “correct.” Not.
How do they get bent? Tow truck hooks!

All Mopar composite LCAs were arrow-straight, which this one obviously is not. Scrap metal.
To be recycled, melted down into an entire Jap-car front suspension.
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