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I bought a 1970 Charger 500 about 4 years ago. It seemed like a pretty good deal at the time, but I have since found out otherwise. I don’t regret buying the car, but it’s a little more work that I was anticipating. I keep telling myself that it will be worth it when it’s done. When that is, I have no idea.
The car is by no means a numbers matching car—far from it. Over the years, past owners have had their way with it, doing all kinds of nasty things to it. So much so, that I do not trust that anything on the car is original or correct for that year and trim level. For one thing, the whole dash has been replaced, so the VIN tag doesn’t match the fender tag. I have no build sheet to go by, but according to the fender tag it was originally built with a 383 and manual tranny. It now has a 440 with an automatic transmission. Apparently, a previous owner converted it for his wife. I know I can never get this thing to be a numbers matching car, but I would at least like to get it as period correct as possible. I am keeping the 440, though (I’m not a complete idiot), and I’m putting a manual transmission back into it. The engine is a ’69 440 HP. Now, I know the block and heads didn’t change from ’69 to ’70, but the valve covers did. I suspect the valve covers on the engine right now are still the ’69s, but I can’t be sure. I do searches on the web for pictures and I see listings for valve covers but I know they are incorrect. They are saying they are for ’68‑’70 and I know ’70 valve covers were not the same as those used on ’68s and ’69s. My question is basically, how do I know a set of 1970 valve covers when I see them? Was there, for example, 4 tabs for the wire harness instead of 3, or none at all? Was there a unique shape to them? From my research, I was able to determine the part numbers are 2946057 for the passenger side and 2946070 for the driver’s side. This doesn’t seem to be much help however, since my covers don’t have any numbers stamped on them. Maybe I’m simply looking in the wrong place. Can you help?

Sure. Simple answer: AMD’s P/N 335‑1070‑BP.

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