Story in 10 Chapters


Here’s the cool story behind Steve Vance’s rare 1-of-50 “NASCAR 2” ’70 SuperBird.

  1. The dealer couldn’t sell it, so his wife drove it for a year, and it ended up on a used car lot.
  2. A customer traded a new 1971 Dodge Charger RT for it—“even”— in 1972 .
  3. The new owner then painted the wing Raspberry Metallic (an important point later on.)
  4. In 1973 the car was stolen with 34,000 miles on it by two 16- year-old kids.
  5. The owner saw a black Road Runner driving around town with a Raspberry Metallic wing attached. “Quick, call the cops!”
  6. The black Road Runner led to a parted-out SuperBird— totally disassembled and ready for sale (but not yet sold!)
  7. The owner settled with the insurance company for “$1,000 and all the pieces of the car”.
  8. The car (still in pieces) sat in a storage garage in London, KY for 10 years gathering dust.
  9. In 1983, the owner needed a down payment on a house and talked to another SuperBird owner, saying he’d take $2,500 for it.
  10. The new owner decided that the car was junk, and too much hassle to put back together, and sold it to Steve.
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