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This may help others with similar type
“street” cars. Basic car: ’66 Satellite,
505 cubes, (689 HP/675 lbs/ft, tricked 727,
4.10s, tubbed, tied, caged, etc.). There is no
heater core or for that matter even a box.
Electric water pump and fan. Aluminum
radiator, heads (Ed’s RPM) lots other stuff but
should not affect question: I do not have a
heater hose hooked up in a loop, the fittings
are just plugged off. Would running a heater
hose loop help the engine cool? Does not
having this circuit affect coolant circulation
in the block? Car does not have an overheat
problem, just believe that if I can make it
work easier (water pump—cooling system) I
would do so. And if it does make pump work
harder, then correcting will extend life, and
maybe help others with a heat problem.

Nope, you’d just be creating a bypass that
wouldn’t take any BTUs away. Leave it as is
(blocked off). Depending on year, the factory
either installed pipe plugs, or capped the
nipples with rubber caps, clamped in place.

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