Racin’ Richard


Musician Jeramy Gritter a/k/a “Beardo” found his ’72 Dodge Demon in the boondocks with nothing but problems. Being a musician first and a car guy second, Beardo recruited his girlfriend’s dad and car buddy, Paul Kenny, to help him fix the electrical nightmare he encountered. The car was ultimately deemed “Richard” because during the restoration they would find themselves asking the car, “why are you being such a dick?” (We ask our tech editor the same thing—Ed.) Plus, the car also happens to be Richard Petty blue. Beardo says he knew he wanted a Mopar ever since he saw the movie “Vanishing Point” when he was a kid. While the movie features a Challenger and not a Demon, he knew as soon as he saw Richard that it was going to be a perfect fit. The Demon is a 340 4-speed factory H-code car with a 3.91 rear, now putting out around 450 HP. It’s a pretty rare find as Demons were a two-year only car (’71-’72) and now that we’ve fixed the electrical (and a few other minor hiccups) the car runs

Beardo and girlfriend Chelsea can be seen racing Richard down the streets of Hollywood, CA, picking fights with the other local Mopar owners and anyone else in the mood.

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