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Robert Sepulveda, San Antonio, TX, 1970 Dodge Charger 440

Please help, I’m desperate! I have a ’70 Charger 440/727combo. Since converting to a 4 speed (18 spline) I have a vibration around2000 rpm. I have had the pressure plate and flywheel balanced (to neutralbalance) twice. The bellhousing is indexed and all mounts motor andtransmission mounts are new. Vibration is present whether or not clutch isengaged. The engine ran fine before, are standard engines balanced to acloser tolerance than their automatic counterparts from the factory?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I will shaking in anticipation of your answer.


Bob, it’s pretty simple. Assuming that you have the stock, original 440 HPengine, it’s an external-balance, heavy-con-rod deal. Read: externalbalance.

There’s two fixes, pick one:

Get a correct 440 external-balance flywheel
– or –
Drill the one you have now per the specs in the MP chassis book.

Take your pick. It will definitely be fixed!


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