14″ Rims With Discs

Tech Question

robert riccitelli, wyoming, RI, 1967, plymouth barracuda 340

I bought the MP disc brakes system, had to buy 15 rims. Iwant to get back to 14 rims due to front tire rub. Can I change something orbuy something to make this work?

Bob, if you use ’69/70-up 14″ OEM (B, E-body) wheels they should clear fine.The Master Power setup is basically stock ’73-up A-body brakes, and they had14″ wheels with no clearance problems.

Having said that, however, we have put 15 x 8″ wheels on many an A-body withno sheet metal or brake interference problems. The secret is measuring andpurchasing wheels with the correct offset, and using low-profile (aspectratio) tires – we’ve found zero problems with 225-50-15 .


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