’64 ‘Cuda Steering Problem

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john graeber, san jose, CA, 1964 plymouth barracuda 340

i have a 64 barracuda 340 4 speed i have just done thesterring box pitman arm front calipers and rear wheel cylanders and i havereplaced the 4 speed with one that is not damaged the 4 speed new stylewitout ball and trunnion. also the suspension minus pitman arm were redonrelast year. i hae done a whell alighnemt as well. my problem is that aftergetting the 4 speed replaced bya tranny shop the steering wheel locks upupon hard acceleration and becomes very difficult to stear i have checkedthe wheel bearings checked the steering wheel linkage the sector shaft onthe newreman gear box ha some up and down movment. The shop i got box fromsaid not to adjust the gear box so i have not. i cannot figure this out anyhelp would be appreciated. thanks


Ed. note – John’s grammar, spelling, and punctuation, etc., is so bad thatit’s difficult to comprehend his thoughts. We’re no Shakespeares, but thisis a new low. However, since this could be a serious safety-related issue,we made the effort


First, if I understand you correctly, the transmission shop screwedsomething up. I’d stick it back in their faces ASAP if I were you, althoughI’m hard pressed to come up with a scenario for this.

Anyway, you didn’t say if the car has power or manual steering. If power, itcould be losing hydraulic pressure (i.e., power assist) from a belt orpulley problem.

Otherwise, I suspect a motor mount problem that, perhaps, is allowing theengine to move, and the oil pan to drag against the steering center linkunder acceleration.

Beyond that, a careful physical inspection is surely in order. The mainpoint is: DON’T DRIVE IT LIKE THIS.


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