’63 Signet 200 Engine

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robert, bay area, CA, 1963 Valiant Signet 200 convt 318?

Hello, I realize you get some silly questions…I justbought a red 1963 Signet 200 convertible, V-8. This car I believe to be aCanadian model. It runs, needs work, is all there, looks to be almosttotally original, with the exception of a Mallory ignition. What I wouldlike to know is how many of these were built as factory V-8s ? Were theyever sold in the U.S.? I believe it has the original engine in it, thatwould be a 318, I’m guessing? Thanks, Robert



There are no silly questions, just plowing ahead on something withoutasking.

Anyway, just like your e-mail address, the net was ZERO. The first ValiantV-8 was introduced mid-1964, and was a 273. Including Canada.

Until that intro date, all Valiants were slant sixes. All.


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