Driveshaft length 904 vs. 727

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Bill Reese, Panacea, FL, 1989 Dodge Pick-up Short bed 360

I swapped the orginal 318 to a 360 engine and the orginaltrans is a 904 type. I’m planning on swapping it out for a 727. My questionis related to drive shaft length (if my info is correct), the 904 issupposed to be 30.50″ long and the 727 is 34.34″ long, can I build a driveshaft 3.84″ shorter than the one for the 904, before I swap thetransmission? Instead of installing the 727 trans and measuring for thecorrect length and then building a drive shaft, this would save me time onthe swap. As I could install trans/torque converter/flex plate and driveshaft all at one time and eliminate down time.


Yes, I’d say go ahead, making sure that the correct yoke is on the front ofthe new propshaft and the needed U-joint is at the rear.

Or find one at a junkyard: P/N 4384481 (short WB) or 4384482 (131″ WB)(these numbers assume a D-1 model)

But this whole deal seems a shame, what a golden opportunity to swap to a518!

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