Poly Bushings for ’67 Dart

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Carlos Marquez, San Pedro, CA, 1967 Dart 270, 273

Hello there Mr. Ehrenberg! I want to start off by saying that yourinformative tech articles are the main reason I read Mopar Action, in short,you ROCK. I need some advice. I’m upgrading my ’67 Dart to 11.75″ brakesetup using the info in DISC-O-TECH.

I have every thing I need including a poly bushing set. I am a little waryof using the poly LCA bushing since it doesn’t hold the pivot pin as tightlyas the metal sleeved OEM version (which I have a set of too). Which oneswould you recommend? What type are used on the Green Brick?

A few years back I took a trip to Mexico and saw something strange. TheA-bodies there had Charger-Style roofs. The rear window was in the same spotbut the roof line was about a good 6″ farther back on the trunk. Do you knowif all of the A-bodies came that way south of the border or is that aspecial model?

Thanks for your time.


P.S. John Schneider came out for a ride on Goodyear Blimp last year (I’m ablimp mechanic) and really liked my Dart. Coming from him it was a prettycool. He drove a nice Mopar C-body Convertable.



The Green Brick uses the stock, OEM, Mopar lower control arm busing andstud, for the very reason you outlined. While it’s true that the combinationof the preloaded torsion bar and the tension strut are the main “locators”for the lower control arm, I still didn’t want to add a potential for”wiggle room”. Yet I must also mention that the empirical evidence -thousands of satisfied users (at least, I’ve never heard a complaint) tendsto make me think the urethane setup is probably OK, and I’m just beingover-cautious. Especially now that there’s the custom stud, with the largerbushing-end diameter, that doesn’t require re-use of the stock inner sleeve.

Bottom line, though: I recommend the stock bushing.

There were literally dozens of variations on the A-body platform worldwide,including Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Euro-export, etc. I’ve seenMexican models as you describe, I’ve also seen ones that looked “normal”. Ifyou do some .mx web searches, I’m sure you’ll find more info.

I’ve met John Schneider – nice guy. In fact, about 25 years ago, his fatherdid a custom stock-clone seat and headliner upholstery repro job for me onthe ’67 Coronet R/T I owned (this was the pre-Legendary Auto Interiors days)at this shop he operated in Mt. Kisco, NY. Small world!


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