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Ragnar Ragnarsson, Selfoss, Iceland, 1966 Dodge Charger 451 stroker

Mr. R., Thanks for your excellent tech articles enjoyed foryears up here by the Arctic Circle.

I am about to donate my true and (t)rusted 26 years old Hookers (headers)to the International Headers Hall of Fame in Iceland. The issue is what toget instead for my BB 451 stroker. My choices are limited to angledplugholed Eddy´s (this leaves out Thorleys and perhaps other types). and a66 Charger. Motor has a 10.38:1 CR, Cam is 255 deg. @ .050″, w. .582″ lift.11″ TCI and a 4.10:1 in a 472 and DOT drag radials. Exhaust pipes are 2 1/2″with a homemade X. My race class at the Icelandic drags limits pipes to 21/2.” The old Hookers have 1 3/4″ primaries. Best e.t. is 12.10 @ 111.mph. A higher stall converter might be tried in the future. Please advicemy regarding primary dia. and types available that fit and will make theCharger go faster with this combo.

Ragnar, you definitely want TTIs! The only question, therefore, is: 1-7/8″or 2″? If your combo stays as-is, the 1-7/8″ would probably be myrecommendation, but the 2″ would allow some “breathing room” if you pumpedup your combo later.

I think either of these will be good for at least 0.2 seconds immediately!(‘Better be immediately, that track there is open for – what – 6 weeks everyyear ;-> ?)

Hey, is it true that they call it the “Blue lagoon” in Grindavik becauseafter 3 seconds out of the water you’ve turned blue?

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